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I am interested in exploring different elements of the forest and the sea and am curious and fascinated by the details of the natural world. I feel like telling my questions and my discoveries through art.


Water is essential for the life of humans, animals and plants. It is the place where I spent my youth playing, swimming and contemplating. The sea generates forms that I observe. There is disorder in order or even order in disorder. I listen for a long time to the sound of the sea, I let myself be lulled by its song, the real essence of water.


I see that we live in a time where the daily rhythm moves very quickly and where people have never been so detached from the natural world. I aim to recreate plots from nature on a macroscopic scale and thus, reestablish the link with nature in the viewer.


In an aesthetic context and with the aim of paying homage to Acadian and First Nations women who used elements from nature such as beeswax, wool and cotton, I practice encaustic art and textile art as means of expression of contemporary art.


I am influenced by Marjolaine Bourgeois, an artist from the Maritimes who proposes to reflect on the state of the world and who creates her works with various materials such as cotton and linen, which she combines in several techniques  : sewing, dyeing, assembling. I want to create a contemporary visual invoice by using elements from nature such as wool and silk, in the form of felt, in order to accentuate the awareness that nothing is taken for granted, not even the natural environment.


Photo: Lisa Levesque

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