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From early childhood, the author discovered nature. She spends her time at sea and in the forest, hence her strong connection with these elements. Most of his stories are inspired by his personal experiences lived between 4 and 8 years old.​ The fact of being published allowed her to discover the world of publishing, to meet authors, to participate in book fairs inside and outside the province. Experiences that have proven to be rewarding and exciting.

Her greatest joy was to discover the world of animation in schools and to see the enthusiasm of the children and their strong participation in the activities it offers them.


The treasure house

Dacki the squirrel is so greedy that he drives Lili out of his house in order to keep their winter provisions for himself. Nevertheless, Dacki is in bad shape when spring arrives. Taken in by a little girl named Isabelle, Lili comes to Dacki's aid, showing him how precious friendship is.

ISBN 978-2-923518-11-4
24 pages, color, 20.2 X 20.2 cm
Released in 2007
6 years and over, $7.95

Publisher: Bouton d'or Acadie

Marilyn Trenholme Counsel Award (2008)



A game for Jeremy

Guided by the ladybug Mélanie, the kangaroo Jérémie has fun discovering nature using his five senses

ISBN 978-2-922203-95-0
24 pages, color, 20.2 X 20.2 cm
Released in 2005
6 years and over, $7.95

Publisher: Bouton d'or Acadie

iParenting Media Awards (USA) (2005)



The multicolored butterfly

Chanelle, a pretty white butterfly, is very pale. Envying the dazzling colors of the other butterflies, she decides to go to the land of the Rainbow, crossing each of the colors in turn. Chanelle meets characters there who will teach her valuable life lessons. Having left for the multicolored country to change her appearance, she will come back transformed from the inside.

ISBN 978-2-923518-78-7
32 pages, color, 20.2 x 20.2 cm
Released in 2010
6 years and over, $9.95

Publisher: Bouton d'or Acadie


In search of the special birch

Émerise has an unusual first name. It was her father who gave it to her because, he says, she is special like a little cherry tree. One autumn day, the young girl goes into the forest in search of this tree that looks like her. What is his disappointment to discover a puny, dull and bare tree! But the following spring, when she visits him again, she is amazed by what she sees. What happened to the cherry tree to make it change so much?

ISBN 978-2-923518-95-4
24 pages, color, 20.2 X 20.2 cm
Released in 2012
6 years and over, $8.95

Publisher: Bouton d'or Acadie



Tara, Timi and the night

The Fall Festival is very attractive. Tara and Timi are happy to go on an adventure. However, Timi would prefer forethought to exploration and as soon as things don't go as planned, he gets nervous. Luckily, the two will get to know a wise elder.

ISBN 978-2-897500-45-0
32 pages, color, 22.86 X 22.86 cm
Released in 2016
From 4 years old, $9.95

Publisher: Bouton d'or Acadie




Mom, dad, what is Acadia?

This short story is intended as an educational tool, both fun and instructive, for parents who wish to share a brief overview of the history of Acadia with their children. This book could also help parents of Acadian descent to transmit to their young people the pride of being Acadian, Acadian.

Let's be proud of our history.
Let's be proud to be Acadians.

Text by Claudette Robichaud Bourque
ISBN 978-2-89627-174-0
48 pages, color, 17.78 X 21.59 cm
Released in 2009
5 years and over, $14.95

Publisher: Editions de la Francophonie



Pouchi, the little rabbit

Verbal abuse may not be visible to the naked eye, but it is just as harmful as physical abuse. Poutchi, the little rabbit, experiences different situations with his friends and discovers the scope of "words that hurt".

Text by Gérald Vienneau
ISBN 978-2-89627-531-1
32 pages, color, 22.86 X 19.05 cm
Released in 2018
From 6 years old, $14.95

Publisher: Editions de la Francophonie


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